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Clean, fresh air is what you deserve to be breathing and USmold can and will restore your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). 

Odor is a powerful tool in shaping our moods. Studies have shown that smells have the ability to rapidly put us in positive or negative states of mind, often within just seconds. Therefore, keeping the atmosphere free from unpleasant odors should not be overlooked. We track odors to their source and remove them with true odor-killing products. This process can help to create pleasant and productive spaces for you to enjoy. Odor removal is an effective way of improving the atmosphere and fostering healthier moods for everyone in your home or office.

USmold guarantees the effective removal of all uninvited odors, even the most persistent. Our Odor Removal procedure is not merely a deodorant, but rather an odor eliminator. Deodorants only mask unpleasant odors, rarely work, and they act as air pollutants themselves!

The Solution to Building Odor

In Both Commercial and Residential applications, one call to USmold will solve your harshest and lingering odor issues in a Reliable and Cost Effective fashion. We guarantee removal of everything from tobacco smoke to used diapers. Our benefits include:

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Only The Best from USMold

Odor removal is a critical component of the overall hygiene and maintenance of any indoor space. Many odors – from pet stains to smoke or mildew – can accumulate over time and become too difficult to remove with standard cleaning products. That’s why we offer guaranteed odor removal by experts, with only the best products available to professionals. Our team of experienced technicians are skilled in helping property owners effectively eliminate odors in residential and commercial settings, utilizing cutting-edge technology and support materials crafted to provide lasting results. With our guaranteed service, you can be confident that your home or business will stay free of unpleasant odors no matter the source!

USmold restores odor-free air by using the latest technology and EPA approved, non-toxic, medical grade chemicals that work by releasing microscopic molecules that interact with and eradicate odor and pollutant molecules.


What They Say

We Pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction

Karen I. manager

Highly recommend this company. Very efficient and professional. Did a great job in ridding our house of extensive mold spores

Jane W. manager

USMold did everything they promised. They were very professional and even gave us Recommendations for contractors to complete our project.

Lee P. manager

Absolutely the most professional organisation I have yet to deal with. Fast, organized, and exceptional customer service.

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