Marine Mold Remediation

With USmold at the helm of your boat’s mold and odor maintenance, every cruise is an enjoyable one!

Marine Mold Remediation

Perhaps the greatest reward to boat ownership is the open sea and the fresh air that comes with it. Unfortunately, the same elements that are so enjoyable are the essential nutrients of a darker side – mold, mildew, odor, and bacteria.

Boats by nature are moisture rich. These humid and warm conditions are the fertile ground for mold growth. This is the same reason that mold is commonly found in places like showers, basements, and attics.

USmoldMARINE successfully restores the clear blue sky imagery of maritime recreation by removing all visible and hidden signs of mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, improving the air quality in vessels interior and controlling the unsightly appearance of mold on your boats interior and exterior surfaces.

Improving Air Quality Aboard your Vessel

As bad as mold smells, the real danger lies in that it can be bad for your health and in many cases degrade the finish of your boat costing you dearly when it’s time to sell it or trade it in. We provide assistance that regular mold remediation companies cannot:

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Viruses and Bacteria Onboard

We don’t want to prey on your fear, but rather make you aware of a few compromising health situations that are unfortunately prevalent in the yacht and cruise industries. The “Norwalk Virus” is transferred by surface-to-hand contact in confined environments. “Staph Bacteria” is also a problem aboard ships. These health threats are very difficult to contain. Although not represented as a solution to these health threats, it is a welcome bonus that USmold’s mold remediation and odor control treatments will at the very least help to keep bacteria and viruses at bay.


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Karen I. manager

Highly recommend this company. Very efficient and professional. Did a great job in ridding our house of extensive mold spores

Jane W. manager

USMold did everything they promised. They were very professional and even gave us Recommendations for contractors to complete our project.

Lee P. manager

Absolutely the most professional organisation I have yet to deal with. Fast, organized, and exceptional customer service.

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