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USmold proudly provides odor control and mold remediation to South Florida. With over a decade of experience, our team specializes in Water Damage Restoration with the experience and knowledge necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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About Us

Why Choose USmold?

We have been eradicating Mold and Water Damage in Palm Beach, Stuart, Boca, and other parts of South Florida every day for over a decade. It’s what we do. We’re reliable, rfficient, and thorough. USmold dedicates itself to preventing future toxic mold growth and other indoor pollutants that threaten the air quality of any dwelling.

Toxic molds in Florida are everywhere, and the Palm Beaches are no exception. Mold can grow on almost any substance exposed to moisture. They reproduce in spores carried by air current. When these spores attach to a moist area, the area becomes a host, growing into mold. Areas affected by toxic mold are normally found indoors. The experienced Mold Removal Technicians of USmold are specialists at restoring indoor air quality in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Hobe Sound and all surrounding areas. 

Ways we keep you, your family, and your pets safe:

Message from Founder

About Our History

Mike Fadell began his mold inspection and mold removal career by forming one of the Nation’s premiere Mold Certification schools. The USmold Academy curriculum strictly focuses on teaching future mold technicians how to inspect, identify, and effectively remove the effects of mold. USmold is an OSHA Certified Safety Training Specialist and a National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP) Training Specialist. USmold, Inc. is a National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP) member.

Some practical advice from Mike Fadell, President

“I’ve been in this industry for quite some time and I’m very proud of the stellar reputation that my Company enjoys. I’ve also unfortunately witnessed many unsuspecting homeowners and business owners victimized by unscrupulous contractors impersonating as “professionals” in this industry. These victims could have been spared serious headaches if they were simply aware of a few of the warning signs when shopping for Mold and Water Damage services. “

Mold and Water Damage Restoration is a severe matter that, if not responded to correctly, will haunt the dwelling owners and their families long after the disaster has come and gone. View our Services Page for key points to look out for when looking for Mold Remediation or Water Damage Restoration Experts.

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About USmold Academy

The Mold Removal Business Opportunity

Mold is a very real problem, and the need for trained professionals is continuously growing. USmold can help you to start your own Mold Business or Add Mold & Water Damage services to your existing Service Business.

As a USmold Licensee you will attend The USmold Academy, the Training Division of USmold and you’ll be given all of the tools to own, operate, and market your own Mold & Water Damage business.

Here you will be given hands on training for up to two weeks and graduate as a Certified Mold Inspector and Remediator. Complete USmold “Business in a Box” Packages are available as stand-alone businesses or “Bolt-Ons” to existing related businesses with No Franchise Fees or Sales Royalties.

A modest and fixed annual licensing fee allows you to share USmold’s ever growing brand presence in the industry and entitles you to Free industry and USmold marketing initiative updates.

Reclaim Your Right to Clean Air

Have you ever considered that appliances like your air conditioning system could foster mold growth? A difference in temperature, condensation and the movement of dust through an AC system can provide a food source for molds. Fortunately, USmold is here to help! With over ten years of experience combating mold infestation effectively and efficiently across South Florida, we can guarantee to end any mold infections and prevent future growth.

USmold is THE Mold & Water Damage Experts of South Florida. With almost two decades of experience, there is no mold infestation we can’t remove, guaranteed.

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