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Mold Removal in Palm Beach County

Mold Removal and Prevention

When it comes to mold removal in West Palm Beach and Surrounding Areas, the obvious tip-off is usually a musty odor. Upon inspection, if there are black, green, or purple blotches on or behind your walls or ceilings or any mold spores thriving under the flooring, then you are probably sharing your home or office with an uninvited and dangerous guest, a living organism – Mold.
In the West Palm Beach area, toxic mold and the dreaded black mold, pose a health hazard and, unfortunately, target children, the elderly, and pets.
USmold uses Infrared Thermal Imaging to locate moisture wherever it is hiding. Even behind walls and ceilings, USmold has the means for locating mold as well as unseen sources of moisture that would otherwise go undetected. USmold’s Infrared scanners are the fastest and most reliable way to identify these invaders of your home and office.
USMold’s professional and experienced approach to mold inspection, mold detection, mold remediation, and mold prevention enables us to eradicate all strains of mold and mildew from your home or office.
We give our guarantee that your air quality will be restored for easy breathing day in and day out.

The Truth About Mold

Various strains of mold are everywhere in the West Palm Beach area and have been around forever. In cases of suspected mold infestation, especially when associated with recent water damage and floods, you should consult a professional immediately who specializes in mold identification and removal. Mold is a critical situation – USmold addresses it properly and specializes in mold removal in West Palm Beach and Surrounding Areas.

USmold’s mold remediation services offer:

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Waiting to treat a mold infestation only allows the infestation, and the cost to fix it, grow. Avoid unnecessary damages, bills, health concerns, and so much more.

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Commercial Mold Remediation

You, your employees, and your clients become the victims of this menacing pollutant. Because of the fear associated with mold contamination and “Sick Building Syndrome,” the complaints of dwelling inhabitants are on the rise, and we are beginning to see insurance companies scramble to avoid this potential liability. In some cases, insurers refuse to write new or even renew policies. USmold prevention plans are a wise investment in these situations.

Attention Builders & Sellers:

You can now offer a unique guarantee to your potential buyers while reducing construction liability problems and associated costs. Offer your home or Commercial building a USmold Prevention Package. Our Prevention Package will provide your buyers with our Certificate of Assurance against Mold Damage, Mildew, and Fungal Infestation. We offer a 100% Mold Removal Guarantee for all our Certificates of Assurance. We proudly offer these services to all of West Palm Beach and surrounding areas.


What They Say

We Pride ourselves on Customer Satisfaction and offer a 100% Guarantee to remove your mold infection.

Don’t take our word on it, take our Clients:

Karen I. manager

Highly recommend this company. Very efficient and professional. Did a great job in ridding our house of extensive mold spores

Jane W. manager

USMold did everything they promised. They were very professional and even gave us Recommendations for contractors to complete our project.

Lee P. manager

Absolutely the most professional organisation I have yet to deal with. Fast, organized, and exceptional customer service.

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