View some of our past clients most Frequently Asked Questions.

USmold has years of experience with any situation in Mold Remediation, Water Damage, and Odor Removal. The mold issues Palm Beach property owners discover are consistent throughout all our clients. These FAQs have answers to key issues in mold remediation and water damage restoration.

 View some of our past client’s FAQs

mold FAQs Absolutely. Many people seem to adopt the philosophy that because penicillin is made from Mold and that we eat Bleu Cheese, that Mold isn’t harmful… not true. Mold can indeed create a potentially dangerous environment that could effect everyone in an infested dwelling, especially children, senior citizens, and pets. People who suffer from allergies and asthma are also at risk. Many factors will determine the safety of your indoor air and various strains of Mold can cause various health hazards. These threats to you Indoor Air Quality and the length of time that you expose yourself and your family to this menace will ultimately become the deciding factor in enlisting the services of The Mold Professional.

The real question is… would you be excited to buy a home suffering from Mold infestation?  Mold can dramatically effect the value of your residential or commercial property. In these past years, Contractors, Real Estate Agents and Property Inspectors have become alerted to the dangers and damage associated with Mold. Because of this heightened awareness, residential and commercial property values may indeed be adversely affected when Mold is present. There is also the possibility of legal problems. There is no doubt that Homebuilders, Landlords, Investors and Sellers will see their share of lawsuits relating to indoor air contamination. USmold has the Easy Solution… Offer your building buyers a USmold Certificate of Assurance against mold, mildew and fungal infestation.

Mold Prevention trumps Mold Removal every time. Pre-Treatment offers a unique guarantee and alleviates liability problems as well as costs concerns. USmold will perform this Pre-Treatment just before the final stage of construction, and prior to “close-in”. This application is a patented, licensed technology, providing contractors with a reliable defense against Mold, mildew and fungi growth/regrowth on all building materials including cement, wood, metal, stainless steel, plastic, drywall, stucco, porcelain, ceramic, terracotta, and siding.

This Artemis BioSolutions is used by USmold exclusively in all of its Mold Removal Operations, is an approved antimicrobial disinfectant and fungicidal that has been assigned an EPA Registration. Artemis BioSolutions exhibits completely effective disinfectant activities against the organisms: Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella choleraesuis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, as well as many other strains and meets the stringent requirements posed by the Medical Industry. Artemis BioSolutions is actively administered in the World’s leading Medical and Military Facilities.

Through a thorough process of Air Testing, Material Testing and Advanced Thermal Imaging. The USmold Professional will canvas every area of your home or commercial building, identifying any presence of Mold or Bacteria, whether in plain sight or hidden in the cavities of the walls. With this information and with the further analyzing of the particular strains, the strategy for The USmold Total Removal Process is developed. Advanced Thermal Imaging allows us to literally inspect your home or office for Mold beneath the surface. This allows for a “complete sweep” giving us the information needed to restore the healthy air that you should be breathing.

A Big, Resounding NO. This is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions in the Mold industry. Identified Mold needs to be totally removed from the materials it is growing on. In some advanced cases the material will even need to be replaced. You can equate this situation to rusting metal… if you just paint over it, the rust will reappear, if you remove the rust and then paint it, it will look and last like new.

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