Mold Removal in West Palm Beach and Surrounding Area’s

Mold Removal – For Mold Removal in West Palm Beach and Surrounding Area’s, the obvious tip-off is usually a musty odor… Upon inspection, if there are black, green or purple blotches on or Behind your walls or ceilings, or if there are any Mold spores thriving under the flooring, then you are probably sharing your home or office with an uninvited and dangerous guest, a living organism… Mold. In the West Palm Beach area, Toxic Mold and the dreaded Black Mold pose a potential and serious health hazard for any human, but unfortunately targets children, the elderly, and pets in particular.
The Truth is – Various strains of Mold are essentially everywhere in the West Palm Beach area and have been around forever and in cases of suspected Mold infestation, especially when associated with recent Water Damage and Floods, you should consult a professional immediately that specializes in Mold Identification and Removal. Mold is a critical situation, USmold addresses it properly and specializes in Mold Removal in West Palm Beach and Surrounding Area’s.
In the Workplace – You, your employees, and clients become the victims of this menacing pollutant. Because of the fear associated with Mold Contamination, and “Sick Building Syndrome”, the complaints of dwelling inhabitants are on the rise, and we are beginning to see insurance companies scramble to avoid this potential liability. In some cases, insurers are refusing to write new, or even renew policies. USmold prevention plans are a wise investment in these situations.

Mold Prevention – Even in what one would consider a “clean” dwelling, it is wise to arm yourself against an impending invasion. Mold prevention is a prudent, healthy, and ultimately less expensive alternative to Mold Removal.
The Proactive Approach – With this new awareness of the effects of Mold on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), fear and concern should be replaced with a focus on total Mold elimination, prevention, and control. USmold will effectively facilitate this “peace of mind” in a Reliable and Professional manner, allowing you to breathe the Clean Air that you and your family should be breathing.
Mold Inspection – Unfortunately, you can’t always identify the feared “Toxic” or “Black” Mold simply by looking at it. Most strains of Mold are Black, Green, or purple in color, but any Discoloration could also a sign of Mold. To start, follow your nose; if you even get a short whiff of a musty or earthy smell, this often indicates the presence of Mold. The only sure way to identify the exact type of Mold that resides in your building is by commissioning a Certified Mold Inspector like USmold to conduct a Mold inspection and conduct a Mold Test by taking air samples to be forwarded to an Independent Laboratory for further testing and technical analysis.
Where Mold Hides – In Palm Beach and all surrounding areas, USmold uses Infrared Thermal Imaging to locate moisture wherever it is hiding. Even behind walls and ceilings, USmold has the means for locating Mold as well as unseen sources of moisture that would otherwise go undetected. USmold’s Infrared scanners are the fastest and most reliable way to identify these invaders of your home and office.
100% Mold Elimination Guarantee – USmold’s Professional and Experienced approach to Mold Inspection, Mold Detection, Mold Removal, and Mold Prevention, gives USmold the Power to Fully Guarantee the Complete Removal of All strains of Mold and Mildew from Your Home or Office in West Palm Beach and Surrounding Area’s, restoring the Quality of the air that you breathe, day in, and day out.
Attention Builders & Sellers – You can now offer a Unique Guarantee to Your potential buyers, while reducing construction liability problems and associated costs. Offer Your Home and/or Commercial building. A USmold Prevention Package will Provide Your Buyers with our Certificate of Assurance against Mold Damage, Mildew, and Fungal Infestation in West Palm Beach and Surrounding Area’s.

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Mold Removal in West Palm Beach and Surrounding Area’s