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Mold Inspection in Jupiter & West Palm is important but Mold Removal should be performed by trained professionals. Incomplete drying of flooring materials (even concrete), flooding, indoor plumbing leaks, poor building maintenance are all culprits of Mold Growth in Palm Beach and all of South Florida. Significant mold growth requires moisture and a food source that will sustain growth. Everyday building materials such as plywood and drywall, carpets and padding provide food for mold. Mold growth begins from 24 hours to 10 days after the provision of growing conditions.
Toxic Molds in Florida are found everywhere and the Palm Beaches are no exception. Mold can grow on almost any substance exposed to moisture. They reproduce in spores and are carried by air current. When these spores attach themselves to a moist area it becomes a host and the Mold begins to grow. Areas affected by Toxic Mold are normally found indoors. The experienced Mold Removal Technicians of USmold are specialists at restoring indoor air quality in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Hobe Sound and all surrounding areas.
Your Air Conditioning system can also produce all the requirements for mold growth. Because it creates a difference in temperature it promotes condensation and the dusty air movement through a system may furnish food for mold. Since the AC system is not always running, warm conditions are a real component for mold growth. No worries though… USmold isolates the issues promptly and treats Mold infestation promptly and effectively.

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