Mold & Water Damage Insurance Issues


USmold will in most cases deal with Your Insurance Company directly to Save You the time and trials of negotiation. Should you choose to negotiate a settlement with an Insurance adjuster, here are ten tips to help you get started:
1) You will need to possess a business like attitude and a good understanding of the claims process.
2) Know your rights.
3) Have complete documentation close at hand.
4) Determine the Value of the Claim
5) Be able to verify your claim.
6) Good sound judgment will always be your best companion.
7) Be straight forward in your communications and try not to become emotionally affected by the situation.
8) Do not yield to pressure, intimidation, or unreasonable negotiation procedures.
9) Identify and deal directly with the issues only.
10) Display confidence, and keep an attitude that the claim will be reasonably resolved through fairness, and honesty.
 Mold & Water Damage Insurance Issues in South Florida


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